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Who we are: Established in 2007, eScore is a timing and scoring company based in Washington, PA. We currently perform timing & scoring services for a variety of off-road races and organizations including: Motocross, ATV Motocross, Endurocross, ISOC Snocross, etc. Using electronic timing equipment, we calculate each racer’s position and lap time instantly as racing happens. The data is then broadcast live throughout the pits and online. We are currently seeking to fill a full time spot in position 1. No experience necessary, on the job training is provided.

One Full-Time (Salaried) spot in position 1 is currently available. Please read the employee handbook and info below for details. Send resumes to Stephanie@escoremx.com

Position One: Time Keeper, and Team Manager

Do you have leadership skills and the confidence to make executive decisions? Like being your own boss? Love to travel? The Time Keeper and Team Manager position might be for you! This person will represent eScore at some of the most prestigious off-road racing events in the US. Qualifications include the following:

  • Ability to travel is a must
  • Ability to set up a network of computers at the track for registration, scoring, live viewing, etc. Basic knowledge of networking (wired and wireless), as well as the Windows OS is required.
  • Ability to quickly learn proprietary software and hardware configurations in a dynamic, fast-paced environment
  • Manual labor is a component of this job, as the candidate will need to install scoring equipment at each event
  • Understanding of the motocross format of racing is helpful.
  • Candidate should be able to use basic problem solving skills to troubleshoot scoring situations.
  • Valid Driver’s License REQUIRED, and the candidate should feel comfortable driving a large truck and trailer as long as 55 feet.
  • The candidate should also possess the ability to change a flat tire and do basic maintenance on a vehicle.

Position 2: Cashier, Customer Relations, and Personal Assistant

Like working with people? Good with numbers? Love to travel? The Cashier and Customer Relations position may be for you! This position is entirely customer-facing, as this person will deal directly with the racers at our events. Qualifications for this job include:

  • Ability to travel is a must
  • Customer service skills are a must
  • Basic maintenance (charging) of electronic timing devices. At the event, the cashier rents these devices out to the racers
  • Use custom software to reconcile sales and cash at the end of each day and after the event. Prepare it to be deposited in the bank in an orderly and timely fashion.
  • Help the racers print lap times at a self-serve kiosk. Basic maintenance of the kiosk with paper and toner is also necessary.
  • Assist racers with online activation of their own transponders.
  • Help with cooking and housekeeping of the motorhome and trailer.
  • Assist Team Manager when needed.

Please read over our handbook for more details on both positions and check out a sample schedule here.  

If you find that you are interested in either of the positions, please submit a resume here. Be sure to put Resume as the subject and in the body in case spam filters snag your message.