Have you ever been watching a race and wondered how close your racers lap times are to the leaders?  Compare your racer to anyone on the track as the race is unfolding or just keep up with a racers lap times and positions instantly when they cross the finish line. Simply text us the number of the racer you want lap times for and we will send it to you instantly!

More traffic in your vendor area!

We can help get up 80-90% of all racers into your vendor area by placing a live feed of racing on a TV in your pit, or better yet your pits can be the place for all racers to come and print their lap times.

Live Timing

How to reactivate your MYLAPS transponder

If you purchased a transponder at any motocross race in last season your transponder will need to be reactivated for it to work in the upcoming racing season.
All MYLAPS flex transponders have an expiration date. If you purchased your transponder from the MYLAPS site directly you choose how long your transponder would remain active. If you purchased it at the track it expires December 31st of that year. Flex transponders are easily identified by a white bottom. Classic transponders with a black bottom never expire.