Pro National Amateur Racing Info

The MYLAPS transponder will be used to score all amateur racing at the Pro National events listed at the bottom of this page. All of these events will follow the rental program described on this page with the pricing for each to be listed at the bottom with the event. Each racer will need a transponder. Transponders will be available for racers to rent at the event only. To rent a transponder for the event, you may use cash, Visa, or Master Card. No checks will be accepted. There will be enough rental transponders at the track for each racer to rent. Transponders will not be available to rent online in advance for any event.

Renting a transponder:

A racer only needs one transponder no matter how many classes the racer is in. Transponders can not be shared between racers. Each time your transponder passes over the finish line, the scoring software will know exactly who you are, what position you are in, and what your lap time is.

Each transponder requires the racer to pay a deposit and rental amount for a cash transaction. These amounts are listed for each event at the bottom of the page. When the transponder is returned at the end of racing you will receive $100 back if cash was used. If you use a credit card your card will be charged the amount shown at the bottom of the page up front and if you do not return the transponder at the end of the event you will then be charged an additional $100. The rental transponder must be returned at the event. eScore will be open at the same time as registration each day of signup for transponders to be rented. We will close the lap times kiosk and windows 1 hour after racing each day. If you want your lap times or wish to return you transponder please do so within these times.

Purchasing a transponder:

eScore will have transponders available for purchase at the event. All transponders received from eScore will expire on December 31st of the year they where purchased. At this time the transponder can be reactivated by connecting the transponder to a computer with internet access using the Flex Manager software. More information on this can be found here. Transponders can also be purchased on the MYLAPSwebsite. Transponders purchased from the website must be activated in the same fashion upon receiving them and will expire based on the date the transponder was activated and the amount of credit purchased.

Lap Times:

After practice and after each race, you will be able to get your lap times and the lap times for every racer who was on the track with you. The report will also show you the unofficial finish position. You must always check the track's posting board for official race results. The transponder lap time reports do not reflect any penalty or disqualifications that may assessed

We will provide our text feature and live timing to all racers and fans for no cost at the listed events. Live timing for all Pro National amateur racing will be at this link. The cost of lap times is outlined below with each event. There will be a touch screen kiosk at the eScore trailer that you can enter your transponder number into to print lap times. The computer will search our system and print the lap times for that transponder number as well as any other transponder that was on the track at that time. For practice you will get the lap times for your transponder as well as every one else that was in the practice group you were in. If your practice was split into groups you will only get the group you were on the track for. For racing you will get every class you are signed up for. If there was more than one division you will want to wait for all divisions to be complete so you get the times for all of them. The kiosk will only print each sheet one time. If some one else enters your transponder number you will not be able to print your times again. Knowing this please do not enter any one else's number or try to guess your own number as you may accidentally cause problems for some one else.blems for some one else.

Event  CC Rental Cash Rental + Deposit Lap Times Rent TP Lap Times Own TP
N/A $ $ Free $5
Spring Creek $25 $120 Free $5