Promoter transponder rental program

eScore is your source for renting transponders and charge cases for your bigger events. Please try to contact us at least 12 business days in advance of your event to ensure the lowest shipping costs and to be sure we have transponders available. We will provide a link for payment on our website once dates and availability are confirmed.

  • $7 per transponder for race weekends
  • $3 per transponder for non race weekends if transponders are kept multiple weekends
  • 30 transponder minimum
  • transponders come in increments of 15
  • Clips only provided if requested
  • $50 each for charge cases holding 15 transponders each (depending on availability)
  • Decoders are available for $350 per weekend
  • loop and coax available for $100 per weekend
  • first time customers require a $500 deposit that is returned when all equipment is returned
  • customer pays all shipping cost