Transponder Returns

Returning a transponder after the event

eScore will give a refund to any racer who forgets to return a transponder after an event. Send all transponders to the address below. Do not require a signature as we are often out of our office at other events and unable to sign for packages. All unreturned transponders must be mailed back to us. We cannot accept any returns at an event that were not from that event.

Please include the transponder, mounting clip, and all charging equipment you received with it. Charging equipment only applies to week long events where it was handed out.

Be sure to include a note with the name you want your check to be made out to and the address you want the check sent to. If you do not we cannot send you a refund check back and your refund will be forfeited. Also please include which event the transponder was rented at.

When the transponder is received eScore will issue a check for the appropriate amount depending on the time elapsed since the rental occurred. A $10 fee will be assessed for each Monday that passes after the completion of an event. The minimum refund is $50. If you used a credit card for payment we will not refund the card. All refunds are by check. **If your transponder was kept from the previous race season and the transponder does not have an activation you will only get a $30 refund. Check the activation page for details.

Please be aware that we do score multiple series and events. At times we will not be in the office for up to 6 weeks at a time. In this case you may not see a refund check until we return to the office to process your request.

Please send your transponders to:

1280 Henderson Ave.
Washington PA 15301