Western Kentucky AX Series Info

The MYLAPS transponder will be used to score all rounds of the Western Kentucky Arenacross series at both Greenville, and Sturgis. All of these events will follow the same rental program described on this page. Each racer will need a transponder. To rent a transponder for the event, you may use cash, Visa, or Master Card. All card transactions must follow the instructions below to pay with a card online before coming to sign up. No checks will be accepted. There will be enough rental transponders at the track for each racer to rent.

Renting a transponder:

A racer only needs one transponder no matter how many classes the racer is in. Transponders can not be shared between racers. Each time your transponder passes over the finish line, the scoring software will know exactly who you are, what position you are in, and what your lap time is.

Each transponder requires the racer to leave $110 for a cash transaction. When the transponder is returned at the end of racing you will receive $100 back. If you use a credit card, your card will be charged $15 up front. If you do not return the transponder at the end of the event you will then be charged an additional $100.** all credit card transactions must be completed at this link before coming to sign up for pickup!!** The rental transponder must be returned at the event. eScore will be open at the same time as registration starts each day of signup for transponders to be rented. We will close 30 minutes after racing each day. Please return your transponders with in these times. In order to keep lines down, and help our staff get packed up and make flights home please return your transponder immediately after your last moto. Any transponder not returned at the track will have to be returned by mail, NOT AT THE NEXT EVENT. See info for this on the transponder returns page above.

Purchasing a transponder:

eScore will have a limited number of transponders available for purchase at the event for $110 cash and $115 credit. ** all credit card transactions must be completed at this link before coming to the eScore trailer for pickup!!** We rarely run out of transponders for sale but it is possible. All transponders received from eScore will expire one year from the day they are activated. At this time the transponder can be reactivated by connecting the transponder to a computer with Internet access using the Flex Manager software. More info on this can be found here. Transponders can also be purchased on the eBay or Amazon.